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since 2005, Abrazos has helped with breast cancer research one 99 cent song at a time.


Abrazos TOP 10 Artists as of November 25, 2015

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1. Jonathan Clay 'A Little Time' (Abrazos 2006)

2. Nina Gordon 'Alone With You' (Abrazos 2005) 

3. Tyler Hilton 'How Love Should Be (acoustic)' (Abrazos 2008) 

4. Fisher 'Breakable' (Abrazos 2006) 

5. Lindsey Ray 'Believe in Love' (Abrazos 2009) 

6. Civil Twilight 'Save Yourself' (Abrazos 2009) 

7. Rosi Golan 'I'll Lay Low' (Abrazos 2013)

8. Glen Phillips 'Courage' (Abrazos 2007) 

9. Jamie Lynn Noon ''Til Ya Make It' (Abrazos 2009)

10. Forty Foot Echo 'Brand New Day (piano version)' (Abrazos 2007)